(re)Plated DIY

REPLATED_0000s_0000s_0005_replated15 copyIn the style of kintsugi, a creative Japanese process of reconstructing pottery, and totally absolutely inspired by these I worked up my own little version here. I'll go ahead and let you choose a tune with a rough edge to it, but if you need a reco - I'd totally go for some old school Cranberries. Supplies:

// Old (non-valuable) plate (find some here) // glue - the krazy  kind will work just fine. // gold leaf pen or gold gouache + a brush will both do the trick // cloth towel // hammer // patience

REPLATED_0013_replated01This whole project will take about 60 min or longer and there's a lot of waiting in between as glue and paint dry. I'd suggest pairing up with this project and working on each as the other is drying.

1. Go ahead and gather your supplies on a clean work surface.

2. Wrap your plate in a towel and make sure your plate is laying flat with the bottom facing up. Choose an off center place on the plate and give a good strike. Feel if the plate is broken...if not give another harder hit. You only really want to break the place once. So if it's broken, don't strike again or the pieces will be to small and you'll literally be sitting here all day and night glueing them back together.REPLATED_0012_replated02

3. Unwrap your plate and set hammer and cloth aside. Reassemble your plate on a flat surface. Now start matching the pieces. Once you've got it all laid out...


4. Start glueing. Choose two large pieces and cover one side with krazy glue. Press the two pieces together and hold for 30 seconds. You know you've done it right, if you can barely see the crack. REPLATED_0009_replated05

REPLATED_0011_replated03 REPLATED_0009_replated05 REPLATED_0008_replated07 REPLATED_0007_replated08 REPLATED_0006_replated09

5. Do all the large pieces/sections first and let them dry for 15-20 min. Then glue the large sections to each other. Once done and totally reassembled let dry for a full 25 min or longer.

REPLATED_0005_replated106. Now take your gold leaf marker and trace the splits. You can add a little gold leafinv around the edges if you'd like.


REPLATED_0003_replated12IDEA: I just happened to have a porcelain marker laying around so I added to the existing design and then added some around edges and to the applied gold.

REPLATED_0002_replated13 REPLATED_0001_replated14 REPLATED_0000s_0000s_0005_replated15 copyFraming/Styling: You can use a plate hanger or I just used museum mounting putty to try different configurations with my other art. I love the idea of this being used on a wall of all black and white plates and just a few broken ones. Perhaps a photoshoot is in my future.

Cheers! xo