Domino x Minted Submissions

I really got into this challenge and thought long and hard about it. I wanted to create some really great designs that I would truly want to hang in my own home. The watercolor series I designed specifically with my dressing table area in my room in mind. I just thought of all the pretty colors + textures that makeup and jewelry have...I wanted to create a trio of something really pretty and abstract. What do you think? The second series, of  "Woven Pieces" is from my original series of graphic woven hangings, that are for sale here, and going like hot cakes! I just LOVE these and have them printed, just wanting to figure out the perfect place for them! Enjoy! xo  

43x43-square_dressingtable_1 43x43-square_dressingtable_2


43x43-square_WOVENPIECES_1 43x43-square_WOVENPIECES_2 43x43-square_WOVENPIECES_3 43x43-square_WOVENPIECES_4