Process for a Palette Bag

As promised here is a glimpse into the way Palette Bags came to be. As I've said so many times, my heart and soul is in each and every brush stroke, every tie in each custom tassel, every stamped number in each brass pull. These are truly labors if love and I hope you can feel it!

STEP ONE: Sketching...and more sketching and painting....and color experimenting...I have notebooks and notebooks full of patterns and marks and colors swatches. I loved this part, just being able to dream up whatever I wanted and see what stuck. 


STEP TWO: PAINTING ON THE FABRIC. This was nerve-wracking at first. I had to test several different kinds of paint and brushes and tools to get just the textures and transparencies right. Once I got going I absolutely LOVED this part. 

STEP THREE:  Cutting and Sewing (This is where Nasya from Haute Hive jumped in and worked her fabulous magic!) I dropped off the bolts of fabric and Nasya worked her magic! 

 Photo cred: Nasya,  Haute Hive

Photo cred: Nasya, Haute Hive

 Photo Cred: Nasya,  Haute Hive

Photo Cred: Nasya, Haute Hive

STEP FOUR: Tassels and Stamping the brass buttons with the official number of bag in the collection. As I pulled each finished bag out and examined it, I then began picking and choosing from my multitude of vintage yarns and re-worked threads and scraps (I am a craft and supply hoarder). I then had to the rather strenuous job of hammering in each number  -- I did not foresee this being as difficult as it was. I was going to eliminate this step, but glad I didn't.  

STEP FIVE: Styling and Photographing - I'm having tons of fun with this part, but it's taking a little bit longer than expected! This is the most fun and I've let myself get really crazy. Like, who would ever put a plant into a fabric zipper pouch. I don't know, but it looks fun right!!! 

STEP SIX: List and Promote!! Here we are...

xo, kate